Same Day Dry Cleaners

At Band Box Laundry, we serve you round the clock with your convenience. Our goal at band box laundry is to serve with smile with 24-Hour Services, you can drop your laundry and pick up it in 24. We can deliver order completed with dry cleaning in the same day when you drop laundry before 9 a.m. Band Box Laundry is modern laundry service and dry cleaning with delivery in Manchester. Our laundry service is very easy, convenient, and affordable to take care of all your dirty clothes. Our dry cleaning services are available everywhere in Manchester. We at Band Box Laundry offer great serviced laundry and dry cleaning service on demand.

Enjoy Dry cleaned laundry within 24 hours

Band Box Laundry workers come to your home or at your address to pickup laundry and bring it to our dry cleaning facilities. At our dry cleaning facility we wash your clothes and fold them neatly and put it into our bags. You will get your laundry delivered back to your home within 24 hours. If you are looking for laundry service in Manchester or laundry pickup service in Manchester, we are here to help you in dry cleaning your clothes. Don’t spend a minute going to the dry cleaners, our men will come to you for Free Pick Up and Delivery Service in Manchester. Our driver will come by, pick up the laundry items you have left for us, and deliver all dry cleaned items to your address. At our dry cleaning facility we will professionally clean, press, and package your items and return them to you within a day.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Delivered to your Doorstep

Band Box Laundry service and dry cleaning with free pick-up and delivery within 24 hours. We come to your address, pickup your clothes and bring them to our facility. Less than 24 hours later we bring clean clothes ready for action back to you. It's simple, affordable and convenient. Some call it magic, we call it common sense.

Coin Operated Laundry and Dry cleaners in Manchester

We offer Coin Operated Laundry service and dry cleaning with free pick-up and delivery within 24 hours in Manchester. We come to your place, pickup your clothes and bring them to our dry cleaning facility in Manchester. We clean your clothes at affordable and convenient rates across the Manchester. Band Box Laundry is next generation Coin operated laundry services and dry cleaning with home delivery in Manchester. Our dry cleaning services are convenient and affordable, we takes care of all your dirty clothes. We are available everywhere in Manchester call us or drop a mail in query box of our website. Band Box Laundry offers great serviced laundry and dry cleaning service on demand without the stress of having to carry your dirty laundry around Manchester. Our Laundry pickup service will come to your home or address provided and collects your laundry. We dry clean or wash your clothes, iron it and fold them neatly into our bags for on time delivery.

Wedding dress cleaner Manchester

One of the most popular methods for wedding dress or gown cleaning is wet cleaning method. Wet cleaning involves biodegradable detergents, No harsh chemical, certain degree temperature according to fabric and hand finishing. Which makes this process environmentally friendly and comfort to the skin. We can remove unexpected stains like wine food stains or even mud. We can also use the traditional dry cleaning method for wedding dress cleaning. The procedure used will depend on material of your dress. Wrapping of wedding gown is also critical for preserving a wedding dress. The chemicals we use will be acid free and then placed in a breathable box.

The aim of BandBox Laundry is to provide a spectacular cleaning service to our customers at affordable rates. Visit our laundry to use the facility for Coin operated laundry service also and you’ll receive a warm and friendly welcome. BandBox Laundry is an independent and family run laundrette located in the heart of Manchester. We provide washing, service washes, ironing and dry cleaning of clothes. We listen carefully to the requirement we also try our level best to keep our prices affordable and ensure quality with highest standards which we can deliver.